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You know your customers, but do they know you?

As a search engine marketing agency, we use data-driven strategies to make sure you’re the top-ranking choice.
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Organic growth you don’t have to work for.

Social media, email marketing, podcasting, what do all these digital strategies have in common? An inordinate amount of time! Time you likely never have enough of as a business owner.

With a data-driven optimization strategy, we make it easy for your customers to find what you know they already need – YOU! Our powerful arsenal of transparent and effective SEO strategies works 24/7/365, taking up little to no time out of your busy schedule.

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Get More Business While Doing More of What You Love

As a search engine marketing agency, we save you precious time, energy, and resources that you can redirect back into doing what you love most, without losing momentum or potential customers.

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Stand out to customers and search engines in a saturated market while driving traffic and qualified leads to your doorstep (online and in person.)

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Using an SEM and social optimization strategy, we’ll create ads that capture more clicks and convert more customers.

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Client Testimonials
  • Lyon Content, Founder
    I've been blown away by 13 Emeralds' process from the jump. From the smooth onboarding, to feeling like Kim and her team completely understand my biz goals and offerings, I've had the utmost faith in this partnership and know it will generate incredible results. Kim's communication is incredible, she's always is there to offer a helping hand and answer any questions I have, and I love that she provides suggestions and tips to help optimize our strategy.
    Acorn Digital Strategy NW - Owner
    If you're looking for SEO support, you need to hire 13 Emeralds. They take great care of their clients, genuinely care about the output, and want their clients to succeed.
    Foxtrot Branding, Co-Founder & Lead Web Designer
    Kim takes website SEO and keyword research completely off my plate! I love that she can use my PM tool of choice and her client-facing communication is excellent. She integrates so well as a part of our team and adds a ton of value to our services.
  • South Scribe Creative, Owner
    I love working with 13 Emeralds because I am 100% confident in the team's abilities and integrity. SEO can be confusing, but Kim and her team make sure you understand the data they present. Kim answered all of my questions and provided advice based on my specific goals for the keyword research.
    Acorn Digital Strategy NW
    Smooth, simple, and comprehensive is how I would describe the process. The biggest win for me was saving time by outsourcing this piece of my process to Kim. Not to mention, she is a complete expert in SEO, and I love the knowledge she has to share.
    The Written World, Founder
    We love working with Kim and her team! We always have reliable, comprehensive, on-time deliverables!
  • Brandt Creative Co., Founder + Creative Director
    Kim and her team explain advanced SEO practices in a way that my clients easily understand and makes them feel at ease when they invest. From the initial audit to keyword research to onsite SEO, the entire process was seamless and easy to understand. My clients are relieved to know they now have an SEO strategy in place AND have metrics to track their progress.
    Minty Made, Owner & Creative Director
    I've enjoyed working with Kim because she is responsive, flexible and extremely helpful with explaining the strategy behind her work every step of the way.
    Anastasia K Salon
    I loved Kim's energy, she was super sweet, attentive and responded quickly, very knowledgeable it showed in her work instantly. I will never use anyone else for all my seo needs

Meet the anti-agency agency

Like you, we’re over the faceless “agencies” in the online space, especially in SEO. By not sharing the who, what, where, when, why, and HOW of what’s happening behind the scenes, most agencies are doing a disservice to your trust and your progress. 

Our data-driven digital marketing agency is different. We’re transparent, thorough, and trustworthy, and we always have your best interests in our data-obsessed hearts.

We practice what we preach

So, of course we have a blog filled with incredible insights and actionable info you can start using today to make a difference in your biz! Check out our latest SEO tips, industry updates, podcast appearances, and more on the blog.

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