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Hey! I'm Kim.

An SEO pro that helps you gain consistently leads by optimizing their SEO for long-term growth. 

I started 13 Emeralds Marketing because I know SEO can be an intimidating strategy but here’s the thing, I also know how valuable it is for businesses like yours, which is why I wanted to make SEO accessible for small, purpose driven businesses.

The name 13 Emeralds holds a lot of meaning for me. I’m originally from the Seattle area, which is known as the Emerald city! Since I lived abroad in the UK for most of my adult life, having roots in my home town is so important to me. The number 13 represents the 12 pillars of marketing + me (of course) = 13! 

While I specialize in local SEO, I want to help your small biz grow from all over the world. Follow me on IG for SEO tips, client wins, and fun behind-the-scenes content.

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About 13 Emeralds Marketing SEO

I’ve talked before about how I have a Master’s in digital marketing, but what many of you may not know is that my Bachelor’s is in Linguistics. 

I was brand new marketing before I started. My master’s taught me theory and strategy around all the different parts of marketing. I gained so much knowledge that year, but it was hard work. I had to play catch-up with everyone that already had a degree in marketing or communications. I couldn’t tell you how many times I wanted to give up.

What kept me going is knowing I wanted to run my own business and I wanted to help small businesses. I heard that most people thought that SEO was only for the big businesses, but really it should be accessible for everyone.

They are spending so much time on social media, or word-of-mouth strategies. That is exhausting work. It’s slow and at times can be overwhelming and discouraging. It’s exactly how I felt during my master’s. 

I want my clients to feel less overwhelmed about marketing than I did, I know how overwhelming marketing can be, there’s SO many different strategies and tactics. 

I'm taking away the overwhelm. Giving you one strategy that changes that game for small businesses!

Now, I can say that I have a Master’s in digital marketing. It’s allowed me to start my own business of helping other small businesses with their marketing. SEO doesn’t have to be intimidating or be reserved for tech “guru’s”. We’ve got this

If you’re looking for new leads and find SEO out of reach, you’re only a few steps away from hiring your businesses an SEO expert. There’s honestly no better feeling than getting a message from a client saying, “I just got another client that said they found me through Google” or “I’ve been getting so many more appointment bookings since you implemented an SEO strategy.”

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