Want to stay in your creative zone of genius and still be able to optimize your copy with keywords for SEO?

and be able to provide more value to your clients?

Get a Keyword Research Bundle created to give your clients a strategic, SEO-optimized copy with even more value.

We know keyword research takes time and takes away from being in the creative zone —

Regardless of if you already offer keyword research for your clients or if they ask for it, you have no way to offer it.

We’re not meant to do it all, but how do you offer keyword research when you don’t have the time? You’d rather focus on the writing? You don’t know how to do keyword research efficiently?
My specialty is helping writers – copywriters or DIYers – create copy that is not only written for conversion but also written to be found through organic search. I am an SEO that has helped many businesses increase their organic traffic 100%+ again and again. Lead generation and content strategy should be easy, and when you add SEO, you can gain leads in your sleep.

This is where our keyword research bundles come in.

Two different options of keyword research bundles for this Black Friday to give your more value for your dollars and provide more value to your clients.

Our keyword research provides you with hundreds of keywords to choose from and also breaks down how to use keyword research to get the highest potential from the content you are writing.
As our agency has grown, we've looked to create strategic partnerships with other experts that allow us to rapidly expand our capacity at a moment's notice. Kim and her team are the type of partners every agency wants! Their process is streamlined and organized, and they always go the extra mile for clients. Kim is a true expert in SEO and prides herself on honesty and transparency. I wholeheartedly recommend Kim and 13 Emeralds Marketing for all things SEO, especially if you're a growing agency - you won't be disappointed!
Haley Dagan
Founder, The Written World

Our keyword research bundles offer two options, and they both provide you with....

  1. A complete spreadsheet of all the keyword research
  2. A custom loom video for each project breaking down the keyword research and our insights
  3. 1 year to use the keyword research
  4. A way for your to provide your clients with more value and be able to help them drive organic traffic to their website
If you're planning your own blog content or website copy, investing in keyword research is a no-brainer. If you're a copywriter, partnering with Kim takes the stress of keyword research off your plate, gives you time back, and lets you stay in the writing zone. I can't recommend this enough to copywriters and any business owner writing their own content. The process was smooth, simple, and comprehensive. The biggest win for me was saving time by outsourcing this piece of my process to Kim. Not to mention, she is a complete expert in SEO, and I love the knowledge she has to share.
Acorn Digital Strategy NW
Molly Nutt
Acorn Digital Strategy NW

These bundles are the right fit for you if...

You are a copywriter

These bundles are designed for copywriters who take on multiple new clients per year. It takes the SEO out of your workload so you can stay focused on the creative.

You take on at least 3 new clients every year

The keyword research is meant to be used once per client per year. You’re given enough keywords to pick from that you could easily create website copy and a content strategy that would last you a year.

You and your clients understand the value of SEO

Keyword research is only necessary if the copy can be found through a search engine. And if your clients don’t understand the value of SEO or aren’t interested in SEO, then keyword research most likely isn’t the best course of action for them.
I love working with 13 Emeralds because I am 100% confident in the team's abilities and integrity. SEO can be confusing, but Kim and her team make sure you understand the data they present. Kim answered all of my questions and provided advice based on my specific goals for the keyword research.
Destinee Roschli
South Scribe Creative, Owner

One last thing, think about you and your clients a year from now.

If you choose a keyword research bundle and use it to help your clients grow their businesses through organic search, they will have started to see actual, tangible results in their business. You will have given them more value and saved time and energy by allowing yourself to stay in your creative flow.

How would you feel if…
  • you could write content around topics you already know are being searched for
  • your client came back to you saying that they got their first client from their blog that came from Google
  • you felt more confident in your writing because of the increased potential with SEO


A: You will have 1 year to use your keyword research bundle. And you will get an email showing you the steps to book each project. We ask that you book 2 weeks before you need the keyword research done.

A: Every time you book a project, you will be given a link to fill out a questionnaire that will give us all the info we need to do our keyword research. Occasionally we will have some follow-up questions that we will send via email.

We are offering the use of klarna if you are in need of a payment plan. It will be available for select countries.

The Packages

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Buy 5 get 2 Free


Saving $350