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How to Pick Blog Topics

Brainstorming Blog Topics for SEO Success

June 22, 2023
Kimberly Fischer

When writing a blog, your content is key! Writing makes a huge difference, but even if your writing is out of this world, your article is going to fall flat without the right blog topic of focus. Creating valuable content is more important to ranking and bringing in potential customers than ever before, so start your blog off on the right foot with content that will be relevant and useful to your target audience. 

Artificial Intelligence in Writing

Living in today’s world, you may think that using AI content or writing from artificial intelligence software is the best solution to get you out of a writing slump and help you brainstorm. But how does this information need to be delivered specifically to catch your ideal audience’s attention? What needs is your product or service filling for your ideal customer? These may be questions that AI writers can’t provide an answer to. AI can be a useful tool to provide you with ideas or jumpstart your writing, but can it really write content for you from start to finish? Not like you can! Don’t fall into the trap of over-utilizing AI content because no one knows your audience the way that you do. After all, you’re the expert on this topic! 

How to Pick Blog Topics

Identifying Your Ideal Audience

Identifying and targeting your ideal audience is the first step to a successful blog post and tons of online traffic. Start by asking who your ideal customer is and what stage they are in the customer journey. Are they just beginning their search for a product or service? Maybe the goal of your blog post should be to convince them they need your product or service? Do they know exactly what product or service they need but haven’t landed on where or how to get ahold of it yet? 

Customers range in levels of awareness about their problem or need. Maybe they are fully unaware, maybe they know that they have a problem but not what the solution is, or perhaps they even know the solution but not how to get ahold of it. Evaluate your potential customer so that you can identify their customer journey stage, and then you can provide them with the information they need for this stage. We would even recommend addressing more than one of the stages in multiple posts so that each stage is represented for your potential customers.

5 Levels of Awareness

Brainstorming Blog Post Ideas

When developing ideas for potential blogs, think about what you can provide to your audience. What information are you an expert in? What ideas or perspectives do you have that are new and novel? Check out some of our prompting questions for generating a wide range of topic ideas:

  • What questions is your audience asking you over and over again? Build a Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQ, section and answer these questions in a blog!
  • What are the benefits of what you’re selling or providing, and how do your products stand apart from the rest? These benefits can easily be broken down into blog topics and expanded for content.
  • Have a hot take that’s different from everyone else? This is your time to shine! Write about your fresh perspective or opinion and get your potential customers thinking. 
  • What are some misinterpretations or myths of your industry? Use your space to debunk these myths or clear up any confusion. Too much info on web pages can be clunky, but you can elaborate on a topic or the background of your product or service here.
  • Who are the people that keep the wheels turning in your company or organization? Include a Meet the Team section as your blog topic and use this to spotlight your team members and explain how they support the business and benefit your audience.

Working with Trending Topics

If your ideas are running dry or you’ve used up all of your other options, including trending topics in your blog post ideas is a great idea too! 

Of course, providing your readers with evergreen content is a sure way to get consistent, long-term rankings on your site, but trending topics have their benefits as well. Use upcoming trends to get ahead of the curve! Your article may not rank high or produce much traffic initially, but not every blog has to have a high search volume right away. Trending blog post topics will produce traffic for your site as the trend grows, and as the trend gains popularity, so will the hits to your blog article. 

You can start your research by using tools like SEMrush’s Topic Researcher to figure out what the trends may be in your area of interest or take another angle and use SEMrush’s Competitor’s Analysis Tool to learn from your competitors’ blog topics what seems to be trending and see how these topics rank. After identifying the topics or similar ones that are working for your competitors, ask yourself what unique take on this topic you may be able to provide. 

Take the Easy Way Out

Sometimes in SEO, it’s ok to take the low-hanging fruit. By this, we mean utilize your keyword research and pinpoint a keyword that you think is a good fit for your content but doesn’t already have a lot of high-quality content written about it. This may seem too simple, but you’re filling a gap and fulfilling a need! If there isn’t already relevant information on a blog post topic that is relevant to you, write it! Then, your post will be the best option, and it will be easy to rank well simply because there is less competition for it.

Want to really take the easy way out? Let us do the hard part! Book a call with us, and we can chat about SEO and blog strategy for your business and help get those creative juices flowing!

SEO Blog Topics That Rank

SEO Blog Topics

Picking the perfect blog post topic is challenging, but pinpointing and writing for your ideal customer and their needs is one of the most effective ways to rank in SEO. Analyze who your perfect customer may be, what they need, and how you can fill that need, and then identify where they are in their customer journey. This is what is going to turn a reader into an actual paying customer!

Try using research tools to find a trending topic or a fresh perspective, or use the knowledge you’re already an expert in today to give your readers valuable insight into your topic. The numbers don’t lie, so if all else fails, using keyword research to figure out what you need is foolproof. At the end of the day, your blog will be most successful when you experiment and find what works for you and your specific content. Book a call with us today, and we can help optimize your content and strategies to get your ranking in no time. Now get out there and start writing!

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