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AI Content Creation + Copywriting with Haley Dagan

July 20, 2023
Kimberly Fischer

AI in Today’s Content Creation

Today on the blog, we sat down with creator and long-time supporter Haley Dagan to discuss AI content creation in today’s online world. Haley is a copywriter and content creator who runs her own agency, The Written World, and has been working alongside us at 13 Emeralds to provide not only her skills but also her knowledge of the SEO sphere and upcoming trends to look out for! 

With Haley’s expertise in the field, she provided her valuable insights and opinions on the subject of AI content creation, how AI tools are being implemented in our industry as well as many other online ones, and how AI generators can be expected to change the future of content creation as a whole.

What Is AI?

AI, or artificial intelligence, is probably not a totally foreign concept to most, considering its usage has become a part of our everyday lives in 2023. AI tools have been integrated into almost every type of technology, including the more obvious ones like phones and smart devices, home appliances, and even cars. 

But did you know that AI tools have now been adapted to be used for content creation? As the creation of AI systems expands, and the use of AI content creation grows, many have discussed how this will affect writers, editors, and creators and the strategies that we should implement going forward.

AI in Content Creation

Technology is constantly evolving, so the use of AI generators and tools probably won’t be the same today as it will be in the next few months or years. Lots of creators worry that this newest surge of AI technology will make our jobs less necessary or even obsolete, but can AI tools actually be used as a resource? Haley reminds us that if we don’t grow alongside these tools and learn to use them to our advantage, we will fall behind. 

Copywriting, for instance, has changed with the impact of AI generators developing. A popular AI writing tool, Chat GPT, now has the capacity to write entire pieces for users based only on a prompt and some directives entered, so with the creation of these AI tools, are writers and creators even needed anymore?

Intelligent, But Not Human

Though AI tools can now do a huge portion of the heavy lifting for us to get coherent work that fits the specifications of a team’s needs, someone still has to be responsible for inputting the details and making adjustments to the AI’s work to fit the desired outcome. A copywriter or content creator will still need to adjust the piece and the details being input to get the work to the specifications of how your desired content and consider its marketing. 

Haley comments that the AI or, this “imaginary person, does not know your audience and has no experience communicating with your customers.” The AI tools may be able to lighten the workload for creators and copywriters, but they don’t have the hands-on skills that real people do.

Human-to-Human Connection

Another side to consider is that your customers are people, and people want to connect with others. Your customers, especially younger generations that are more likely to purchase your products or services online, want to see the face behind the product and learn your story. This develops a sense of investment and a feeling of trust in you and your company or organization because real human customers can empathize with real human sellers more than with a robot spitting out code. 

AI software works by observing conversations and interactions that humans have and mimicking this formatting, and while their results are often impressive, these AI generators have not had the thousands of conversations and years of practice that the writers, editors, and creators have had, and often cannot pick up on the nuances of human language and understanding in the same way that a real person would. 

Pitfalls of AI

So much of writing and developing content is centered around understanding the background information as well as the strategy used to present this information for SEO and how best to get businesses and their content ranking on Google. Many businesses have already developed a reputation and built credibility through the use of thorough and consistent backlinks in a way that AI can’t. 

Additionally, AI can’t capture specific and consistent brand voice as well as the emotion behind this voice that drives so much of our human decision-making. The expertise that a human content creator, writer, or editor has gleaned from their experience probably won’t ever be able to be understood or replicated fully by AI content creators.

SEO and Ranking with AI Tools

The technology of AI generators walks a fine line of ethics and should be handled with care. Some argue that using AI tools to mimic a certain style or pass of work as your own is unethical and considered stealing, taking a shortcut, or even cheating. Considering this, many suspect that Google may introduce AI detectors as well as a policy prohibiting or restricting AI usage in the future, and if this becomes the case, too much AI tool usage may cause your pages to be flagged, withheld from ranking, or removed altogether. 

Making AI Tools a Resource

Though AI shouldn’t be feared or used to replace a human expert altogether, these AI writing tools do offer some pros to consider! Businesses that may not have had the funding, staff, ability, or resources to produce certain content previously now have more options with AI content creation tools. They can help save you time, brainstorm ideas and build outlines, get out of a writing funk, provide the basis for product descriptions, or push past pesky writer’s block. AI tools can even edit, expand, or condense information for you, taking some of the heavier lifting out of the job.

Though ChatGPT is one of the hottest new AI-generating tools today, we recommend checking out a few others as well to minimize your workload and work smarter, not harder. Use Otter.AI for recording voice notes and digital transcription, or try out one of SEMrush’s many SEO and SERP tools for ranking on Google. 

Need something to organize your work and communicate with your team seamlessly? Check out ClickUp or download the Grammarly extension to streamline and edit your writing in a flash. Or maybe your strategy could benefit from a social media scheduler to ensure that your posts are always reaching your target audience at the perfect time. AI tools have found their place in all corners of the industry, so make the most of them!

AI Usage Tips for Content Creators

Haley sums it up for us nicely with this: Overall, use integrity; use AI as a tool, but don’t try to make it do all the work for you or Google, and your customer base will be able to tell.

While AI tools are an amazing resource to integrate into your business, Haley cautions us to keep in mind that, ultimately, they do have limitations and should not be utilized to replace writers, editors, or creators but to add to and maximize our reach and efficiency. When you can, use these tools to your advantage and get that content published and ranking today!

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