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LinkedIn SEO: How to Get Optimized for More Leads

June 21, 2021
Kimberly Fischer

When we think of SEO for Linkedin, most of us think of job hunting, hiring managers, and even spammy salespeople. Anyone else getting at least 5 ‘copy and paste’ messages a day? However, Linkedin is used for a lot more than that. Linkedin functions as a search engine for business, which means people are searching for all kinds of different businesses on there.

Now, you might be thinking, Kim, I’m almost certain no one is searching for a nail tech or esthetician or car repair service over on Linkedin. And I’d have to agree with you on that one. So that’s why this next point is one you’re going to want to listen to.

Why everyone needs a Linkedin business page

Linkedin may not be the place your ideal client will go looking for you, but here’s why you should set up a page regardless.

  1. Google scans Linkedin for relevant information. That means that when some searches for “hairstylist Fort Worth” that your Linkedin could show up in the search result.
  2. Your Linkedin can appear in your Google My Business listing under ‘socials.’ Giving your leads another touch point to help grow the trust between you both.
  3. A Linkedin business page gives you more credibility and more authority because you are seen as a more trustworthy business being listed on such an official website.

What Google Scans for Keywords

Google scans a few different parts of your Linkedin business page for keywords to help it give your information to the right searches. 

  • Business name, this may seem a little bit pointless. You might be thinking something like, “I can’t just change my business name!” And you’re right, you can’t, and you should never try and add keywords to an existing business name in any listing; otherwise, that would be considered keyword spamming – an SEO technique where a webpage or listing uses an excessive amount of keywords throughout the page to gain an unfair advantage. It’s just important to know that if you do not have keywords in your listing, your competitors who do may have a slight edge.

linkedin tagline for Vitalogy Healthcare Mckinney, TX

  • The tagline is the short piece of text you see underneath your business name on a LinkedIn page. This is a great place to add your keywords, including the city, area, state you are located in, mainly if you are a location-dependent business. Keep in mind that this can only be 120 characters.
  • About Page, this section of your profile can be 2,000 characters. You have lots of room here to try out various; keywords and keyword phrases. Remember that your about section should still tell a story about your business. Linkedin suggests using a framework that looks something like this, 
    • Vision. What future does your business want to help create? 
    • Mission. How does your business create that future? 
    • Values. Who is our business? How does our business work? 
    • Positioning. What makes our brand different? 
    • Tagline. Our brand summed up in one line. 
    • Products/Services. Here’s what our business provides.

A few last tips for Linkedin SEO:

  • You can only create your business page on desktop
  • Don’t forget to link your personal profile to your business listing by updating your current job
  • Filling out your business listing completely will also make you more easily searchable
  • Adding a call to action button is a great way to push people to your website

Keep your eyes out for my guide on how to optimize your Personal Linkedin Profile coming out soon!

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