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Good SEO takes time. But your decision to work with us shouldn't.

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As a Dallas SEO company that works with small businesses across the country, we can help you understand the ins and outs of results-driven marketing through SEO, paid ads, and content marketing strategies. 

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Quick Questions

Do you provide seo content writing services?

Of course! Around here, we believe that content is QUEEN, which is why our full-service tech SEO package includes SEO content writing services. We’re not just here to kickstart your SEO, we want to keep it (and all your new customers) running full speed ahead.

Do you offer custom website development or website redesign?

We sure do! With a team of talented data-driven creatives, we offer ShowIt, Squarespace, and WordPress website design, which can be added on to any of our tech SEO services.

Do you have e-commerce SEO services or Shopify SEO services?

We don’t play favorites when it comes to industries or website platforms! Whether you’re a Shopify store owner, salon owner, course creator, or any business owner serving a defined audience, if you care about what you do, we care about providing you with SEO and ad services to help you do it for the long run. It’s that simple.

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Interested in joining a team that not only prioritizes data and transparency but a supportive and flexible work environment? Let’s make 13 Emeralds Marketing your second home! As a collaborative team of data-driven creatives, we’re all about working within our zone of genius to make space for our clients to do what they love. And if that sounds exactly what you’re looking for, we want to hear from you!
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