Organic SEO to grow

Your Business.

Organic SEO is going to be the key to helping you gain new clients, to growing your business, and to having clients find you!

All-In-One Organic SEO Set Up

This is for the business owner who is tired of relying on social media to get found or who wants to expand their visibility strategy through organic SEO traffic as well as be prepared to create strategic SEO based content to continue building their visibility.


We track keywords and competitors for 1 week to fully understand what the best keywords to rank for are. We also track these keywords and competitors the entire time we are working together.

Before we start implementing an SEO strategy we run an audit on the following tactics:

  • Rankings for Keywords
  • On-Site SEO Report
  • Reputation Audit
  • Technical SEO Report

This part of the strategy is making sure we put keywords – from the research earlier – in all the right places on your website. This helps Google understand when and where to rank your website.

  • meta tags
  • alt tags
  • heading optimization
  • copy optimization
  • layout optimization

This where we get deep behind-the-scenes and into the nitty-gritty of your websites backend. We focus on speeding up your website and adding in code specifically for search engines. 

As a bonus, we offer Google Search Console and Google Analytics set-up so you can see in real time how SEO is helping your business grow. 

This will keep you updated and informed on the progress we are making. These reports will be sent to you over Slack.

1 hour Post-Work Call that walks you through all the work that has been done. This call will also include a project layout for what should be done to continue working on your SEO.

A backlinking strategy is going to be a key component to your continuing SEO strategy. Here I give you a jump start by giving you 30 ideas of where you could get a feature, a guest post, or a link within an article/blog post.

As a second part to your on-going SEO strategy, during the post-project call. I will be giving you 10, SEO optimized content ideas that can be used for blogs, YouTube videos, or podcasts.

Investment: $1,497 USD

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Looking to have your web design, copywriting and SEO all done at once?