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Optimization, Implementation, and lots of celebration

SEO and paid ads transparency you can celebrate from a data-driven marketing agency that improves your visibility, profitability, and sanity.

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Data-centric services to make your heart (and your business) soar.

As a small business owner, there are many things keeping you up at night. When done right, SEO can be one of the most effective strategies for building your business in your sleep. We’re here to make it attainable, digestible, and give you back more Zzz’s.

Technical SEO Services

Course creator? Copywriter? HVAC Company? No matter who you are or where you are, you can benefit from our tech SEO services. From the beginning and beyond, we set you up with SEO strategies and tactics that evolve as you do, so you’re not dependent on the never-ending hustle of social media to generate leads and sales.

Boost My Brand & Rankings

Paid Ads

Increase brand awareness and reach a wider audience with results-driven paid ads. By incorporating custom strategy, SEO content writing, optimized platform setups, as well as constant monitoring and adjustments, our paid digital advertising packages help you increase lead gen or sales on Facebook and Google.

Make FB + Google Your Lead Magnet
Client Testimonials
The TMRW Collective, Creative Director
Whatever doubts are holding you back from making this investment, drop them. To grow in business you need to invest in business - 13 Emeralds were so lovely, so helpful and so thoughtful throughout the whole process! Definitely my go-to from now on!

SEO doesn't have to be costly and confusing.

In fact, here’s some free advice!

Digital marketing can leave even the best of us feeling like we’re on a hamster wheel, constantly chasing trends and results. But at 13 Emeralds, we don’t want the thought of bringing in leads and sales leaving you feeling out of breath. We want you feeling confident and accomplished. Take a moment, catch your breath, and catch up on our latest SEO tips, get paid ads advice, and go behind-the-scenes of our data-driven marketing agency on our blog.

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AI Content Creation + Copywriting with Haley Dagan
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Let’s Take the “Oh (No)” Out of SEO.

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